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The Seasonal Soul concept inspires a life lived more in the present, to re-establish the mind-body-soul connection. It is supported by an inner belief that the more connected one becomes to the moment, the more at peace one is within themselves and their environment.

Research suggests, that the environment that surrounds a human being, be it psychological or physical, has a great influence upon human behaviour.

To an extent, connecting oneself with positive and meaningful elements in times of change or uncertainty, can help to let some of life go, and help to manifest a better wellbeing.

It sounds so simple doesn’t it?

Yet, just like the seasons in nature…

There’s a time to renew.
There’s a time to grow.
There’s a time to strive.
And there’s a time to reflect.

Nature’s pattern, with its ups and downs, remains connected yet still evolves.

For various personal and societal reasons, connection and moving forward can be a challenge to our mindset today. Sometimes it becomes stuck within a conscious need for information, prediction, perception or expectation, which has a great influence on our mental health and overall wellbeing.

Whilst there are many positives in the way we live our lives now, there is an ever-increasing need for a stronger cognitive approach to our understanding of it all, in order to cope with the pace and pressure that we find ourselves in.

Living life more seasonally will never cure that need, but perhaps inspire a simpler, creative and more mindful approach to it, in order to help.

Live in the moment, to love the season you’re in.


We’re a small, primarily online business with a Blog and a Home, Greetings & Gift range inspired by beauty of the Seasons.
Seasonal Soul is designed to promote mindful living, to a community that wants to feels good.

Seasonal Soul About Story

Seasonal Soul About Story

Seasonal Soul About Story

Seasonal Soul About Story


The journey began back in the Summer of 2014, when I left my previous career in Fashion Retail to return to something much more creative and fulfilling.

Despite having a job, family and good friends, I was secretly craving more creativity, connection and work-life balance.

It felt the right time for a change, to love life a bit more.

Just like the change in the seasons, my work is constantly evolving!

The original goal was to combine two of my passions; a love of colour & textile design, and a passion for living a healthier life with more balance, naturally.

Returning to the paintbrushes over these recent years, has not only enabled me to me more creative, but it’s also allowed me to adjust to a more natural pace. I have become more present, and develop work that encourages others to take that moment to pause, ponder, and enable a more positive thought process.

…and that’s the bit that I enjoy; creating designs that my customers find uplifting and make them feel good.

I now have a small range of seasonal wall art, printed fabrics, soft furnishings, greetings cards and gifts. All of the designs are my own, now professionally made in the United Kingdom and available to the UK for sale.


It’s taken me a couple of years to have confidence and begin to put myself and my artworks out there.

The main challenge however has not been finding a route to market, but finding the right one for now, as there are a number of opportunities available.

So far I have exhibited at a few public & trade shows; returning many learnings, and I still feel very much a newbie in the marketplace!

In the past 6 months, I have learned more about my business than I have done since it started! With a small range in place, now feels the right time to focus on working directly with my customers, and to grow from there.

Seasonal Soul Chamber of Commerce

Seasonal Soul About Story


It’s just me, Rhianydd, with a great support network.

You’ll notice across the website, that I refer to me and my business as us and with the Royal We, like many other artists and small businesses who work alone.

The business becomes the main thing you focus upon; your other half that you want the best for. It involves lots of long days and weekends, but deep down you enjoy it so why not? Life’s too short not to do more of what you enjoy.

At the moment I also work on a temporary basis as a Librarian, which helps to live alongside the day-to-day running costs and operation. One day soon however, I would like Seasonal Soul to be my only place of work.

Two things I’ve learned since I’ve started:

1) It won’t happen overnight. Too right
I never thought that it would, but when you’re working on your own you do get to realise how long everything takes, as well as how quickly a year goes!

2) Never underestimate your own strength, or beat up your weaknesses. Too true.
You attempt a lot of development yourself, trying a lot of new things. Some challenges you overcome, some you don’t – You get to learn a lot about yourself!


It’ll continue to evolve, but begin to shine brighter & reach new ground.

I have many ideas in the pipeline for the brand, within Interiors, Clothing, Food & Wellbeing; all designed to keep the brand fresh, present, connected and exciting.

One I day I would like Seasonal Soul to be a valued Mind-Body-Soul brand in the retail landscape; making a difference with its customers, in a purposeful yet creative way.

With your help, fingers crossed we’ll get there 🙂

Seasonal Soul Rhianydd Jones

Seasonal Soul About Story

Seasonal Soul About Story

Seasonal Soul About Story

Seasonal Soul About Story

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