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The Seasonal Soul concept inspires a life lived more in the present, to re-establish the mind-body-soul connection. It is supported by an inner belief that the more connected one becomes to the moment, the more at peace one is within themselves and their environment.

Research suggests, that the environment that surrounds a human being, be it psychological or physical, has a great influence upon human behaviour.

To an extent, connecting oneself with positive and meaningful elements in times of change or uncertainty, can help to let some of life go, and help to manifest a better wellbeing.

It sounds so simple doesn’t it?

Yet, just like the seasons in nature…

There’s a time to renew.
There’s a time to grow.
There’s a time to strive.
And there’s a time to reflect.

Nature’s pattern, with its ups and downs, shows us that connection remains throughout evolution.

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For various personal and societal reasons, connection and moving forward can be a challenge to our mindset today. Sometimes it becomes stuck within a conscious need for information, prediction, perception or expectation, which has a great influence on our mental health and overall wellbeing.

Whilst there are many positives in the way we live our lives now, there is an ever-increasing need for a stronger cognitive approach to our understanding of it all, in order to cope with the pace and pressure that we find ourselves in.

Living life more seasonally will never cure that need, but perhaps inspire a simpler, creative and more mindful approach to it, in order to help.

“All of my creative work comes back to the foundations of the Seasonal Soul concept.

In the case of my artworks, the design interpretation can be quite literal. However strong, simple, natural elements have played an important part in my Interior Design work more recently.

More and more of my clients want to connect to their living space and find themselves inspired by nature to do so.” Rhianydd Jones, Founder & Designer