Our Mindful Garden

Welcome to Our Mindful Garden, a part of the Seasonal Soul focus upon Wellbeing.

There’s beauty and many benefits to be had, when we spend more time with nature. A simple 5 minute break within some fresh air, taking in what’s around us, can really help to bring back our perspective, establish more inner peace and put more of a smile on our face 🙂

Yet what are we looking at?
What is our attention drawn to…?!
Is there a resemblance to how we are feeling in that moment?

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Our minds contain a garden of thoughts; which need planting, nourishment, support, weeding and pruning sometimes.
Don’t you think?

Our Mindful Garden began on our Facebook page in 2016, as a small library of recordings, ideas and affirmations inspired by our nearest piece of the outdoors.

It doesn’t have to be a huge garden, or necessarily in the countryside; some of the greatest inspiration can come from observations in the city & a window box….with a view to creating a greener & more balanced space in our minds.

Take a read of our posts within Our Seasonal Blog for more inspiration.

In 2018, there are plans to grow Our Mindful Garden to inspire more people to ground themselves in nature.
Find how you can help spread the word here.

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Together, let’s #lovetheseason.