Grounded: It Feels Good for 2018

“I have often admired those people who appear grounded; they genuinely seem to have strength and roll more with life, at a slightly deeper level than just keeping their cool. Perhaps it’s a reward earned from wisdom, or something learned through the school of life, but I’ve often wished I could be more like that; stronger and more balanced, alongside my passions and to-do’s”.

Do you feel the same?

Grounding is a topic that has become more and more on our radar in these recent years, alongside building the foundations for Seasonal Soul.

Embracing the Seasons is about embracing change. Learning more about the subject of Grounding, has helped to add roots, strengthen the core, create internal belonging, which can help to manage the ebbs and flows of life better.

But what is exactly is Grounding & its purpose?
What do you need to do to feel more grounded?
Who/where/what do you ground yourself in?
Does it always feel good?

These very uncertain social, economic and political times, create the need for inspirational thoughts, ideas and techniques to live life better.

Grounding could be one of them and it forms the basis of Our Seasonal Blog for 2018; growing Our Mindful Garden to a mindful community across our website & social media channels.

Join in the conversation, to share your thoughts and ideas from your community. Because Grounded Feels Good, doesn’t it?

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