Inspiration: Learning from nature

“I like to think that we are a part of nature, rather than something greater than it.

I look to the season for natural and original inspiration. There are patterns in nature which you can draw parallels from, to use within our lives today.

A simpler, more mindful way of thinking is perhaps a solution to a more fulfilled peace of mind”.

Taking a few moments in nature, can help to relax and find perspective in life. A walk in the green can help to clear the mind, find calm, feel more energised yet at peace.

It was in the fields of Warwickshire, where I took walks for that reason and found that no two walks were the same; the same path maybe followed, but there were different thoughts & observations.

Over time, & with a notebook, those walks became a source of inspiration in addition to a form of release. I started to take more notice of the changes in the seasonal patterns, literally & visually.

“What if we actually tried to live more seasonally; embracing gradual change, rather than hurrying it. Paying attention to the journey rather than the destination.”

It’s a philosophy that I’m gradually exploring alongside the growth of my design work.

It would be great if you came with me on the journey,

Seasonal Soul Rhianydd Jones